Find the latest news by ENDR members on dual-use funding, events and activities.

New Space Strategy opens up dual use synergies in the space programmes

The European Commission adopted on 26 October 2016 a new "Space Strategy for Europe" which highlights the importance of reinforcing synergies between civil and security space activities. The strategy underlines that space services can strengthen the EU’s and Member States’ capacity to tackle growing security challenges and improve the monitoring and control of flows which have security and…

First ENDR event on cybersecurity

The first ENDR event will take place in Rennes, France on 23-24 November 2016. The workshop will focus on “Cybersecurity Strategies & Dual use” and will form part of the wider European Cyber Week during 21-25 November. It is co-organised between the Brittany Region and the European Commission.

ENDR website launched

The European Network of Defence-related Regions website is now launched to facilitate the ENDR members – regional authorities and clusters – to share experiences, best practices and news related to their actions and events on dual use. ENDR is a European Commission initiative  funded under the COSME programme. Its introduction phase will run until December 2017. Afterwards, the Commission will…