ENDR brings together regional authorities, clusters and business to share experiences and best practices on dual use activities.

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Call open to support clusters in the defence sector going international

The Commission published today the call for proposals for "Clusters Go International" for the Defence and Security Sector. It aims to support European defence and security-related clusters and business network organisations to:…
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Call for tenders on defence-related skills published

An invitation to tender for a service aiming to build evidence on defence-related skills shortages, gaps and mismatches as well as defining the sector's strategy with concrete actions on how to solve the skills gap at EU,…


ENDR Members Workshop

Save-the-date: ENDR Members Workshop , 26 October 2017, Brussels

1040 Brussels,

The Commission will bring together the ENDR members in a workshop to evaluate ENDR’s development up to that point, and discuss prospects for future activities. Members will have the opportunity to share their views and present their expectations from the network in the future. This will provide a valuable input into the roadmap on the network's future roll out, which is expected to be released by the end of 2017.