Regional development agency
Kainuun Etu Oy
Cybersecurity, ICT, Land sector, Robotics, Gaming AR & VR, Simulations

Kainuun Etu Oy

Kainuun Etu Ltd is a regional development company and their aspiration is to grow enthusiasm and opportunities to nurture a cluster in this sector amongst companies and provide supporting services to the development of regional companies.

The Kainuu Region is strong in gamification, encrypted communications, x-reality, use of spatial information and simulations for training purposes. A key location advantage is the presence of a state owned HPC data centre, providing virtually unlimited CPU and storage for development in a closed cloud environment.

Currently, they have all the components needed for R&D work to develop systems capable of operating fleets of automated vehicles. Kainuu also has the capability to explore the area of machine-speed situational management issues.

A few examples of key regional companies that are currently operating in the defence sector and conduct R&D in the region are Bittium (Tactical Communications), Sunit (Robust environment technologies) and Exens Development (ICT and wireless technology solutions for high tech companies) – the originator for these technologies was the measurement technologies from the paper & pulp industry.