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FEMID (Fédération Euro-Méditerranéenne Des Industries de la Défense et de leurs sous-traitants) is a defence cluster composed mainly of startups, SMEs, research institutes and universities, with some large companies within the SUD PACA region – headquartered in Nice, France. The SUD region is second in terms of defence revenue, with more than €6 billion, with a contribution for defence of above 15% to the total SUD PACA region, served by 100,000 jobs. FEMID aims to bring around 100 organisations together and to contribute €600 million to the SUD region’s economy.

FEMID’s mission is to develop the competitiveness of its members, to create employment, and to bridge the gap between SMEs, startups and public research, armed forces and governmental authorities. As a member of FEMID, companies, individuals and labs will be part of a strong alliance that focuses on innovation and competence.

FEMID has links with other defence-related organisations and regions across the EU, including with PRIMUS, the Defence, Safety and Security Cluster, OCCITANIE Region, SAFE (Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth), OPTITEC (Complex systems with optics and imaging) and PACA (Maritime Safety and Security).