AETOS – Drones Cluster
Aeronautics, Robotics, RPAS

AETOS – Drones Cluster

AETOS is a highly specialised cluster focused on technologies for aeronautics, robotics and especially remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). Supported by Aquitaine’s regional authority (Aquitaine Développement Innovation), AETOS draws together nearly 60 public and private entities.

The Aquitaine region is a hive of aeronautical research and product development, hosting France’s largest aeronautics players (Thales, Dassault, EADS, Safran) as well as many SMEs, research laboratories and training centres in the sector. AETOS also benefits from its proximity to airfields and training facilities dedicated to RPAS testing and flight demonstrations. 

One fifth of AETOS’ activity involves dual use or defence technologies, whose promotion is a strong part of the cluster’s strategy. For example, a number of AETOS members work closely with France’s armed forces to supply the latter’s RPAS needs.

AETOS’ dual use strategy promotes the development of technological “bricks” or blocks of software/hardware that support a specific functionality or application within an RPAS’ wider architecture. This approach is embedded in AETOS’ website which is structured to bring together partners specialised in one brick or another, whether at the system or sub-system level.