Aerospace Valley
Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electronics, ICT, Photonics, Robotics

Aerospace Valley

Aerospace Valley is France’s most important innovation cluster for aeronautics, space and embedded systems, with over 840 industry and research members representing around one-third of the country’s aerospace workforce and 45% of its aerospace R&D potential.

Having linked its regional dual use approach to France’s national RIS3 strategy, the cluster directly nurtures defence and dual use innovations in advanced materials, aeronautics, aerospace, electronics, ICT, photonics and robotics.

Aerospace Valley has a dedicated strategy for SMEs. It facilitates their participation in EU-funded research programmes, while using its incubator sites in 3 regions of southern France (Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie) to offer start-up support, technical expertise and business advice to fledgling technology companies.

Aerospace Valley is an active member of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership and has formal cooperation agreements with clusters in five other European countries (Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain and Norway) plus Brazil, Canada, China and the United States. It is also forging links with other European clusters in the fields of health, energy, agriculture and information technology services.