Workshop on Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on European Aerospace and Defence ecosystem

Myriam B/Shutterstock

On 27 May, the European Commission proposed a major recovery plan for Europe to repair the economic and social damage brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and to kick-start the European recovery. This recovery plan builds on the dialogue engaged by the European Commission with stakeholders from industrial ecosystems and is based on an assessment of repair and investment needs of fourteen industrial ‘ecosystems’.

One of these ecosystems is Aerospace and Defence, which has been particularly impacted by the economic and social ramifications. The European Aerospace and Defence ecosystem contributes to Europe’s strategic autonomy, technological independence and resilience, and thus it is necessary to ensure that suitable measures are in place to support the fast recovery of this sector in the upcoming years.

To this end, DG DEFIS is organising a series of workshops.

The first workshop ‘Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on European Aerospace and Defence ecosystem’ will be held on 8 July in the afternoon and 9 July in the morning, by videoconference. The workshop aims to bring together European institutional and private players, actors from large companies to SMEs and start-ups, from research institutes to academia and from associated services to suppliers. The draft programme of the workshop will be available here.

If you wish to participate, please register via this web link. Please note that registrations are limited and participants will be selected on the basis of information provided in the registration form.

More information can be found here.