Homeland Security Conference 2021

Homeland Security Conference 2021

This year’s Homeland Security Conference will be held on 6 October in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is organised by CenSec.

Business France is a conference partner, and therefore a part of the conference programme will focus on French-Danish cooperation.

As an innovation and technology conference, it will bring together representatives from the entire Homeland Security and cyber security community; leading experts, industry decision makers, governmental authorities and academics, in order to share knowledge and strengthen capabilities. The overall objective is to explore potential business opportunities within the industry. The conference attracts around 150 participants every year.
The 8th edition of the conference focus on issues, challenges and countermeasures within the Homeland Security context and will address the following subthemes:

  • Current trends and technologies in the homeland security domain
  • Infrastructure and societal resilience
  • Protection of crowded spaces & threat mitigation
  • Future trends and emerging technologies in the homeland security domain

For more information click here [embedded link to https://censec.dk/blog/events/homeland-security-conference-2021